Why did you click this button over the other?

You picked a button which, when you interacted with it revealed a light grey colour.

Grey suggests balance and neutrality and can provide a visually calm space, especially in design and can be used powerfully as a place of respite and reflection in busy websites and visual presentations.

There is more to web design than functionality. We must understand all the hierarchical decision making apparatusses of the human mind and ask, what makes us click one button over the next?

When do we decide enough is enough, when do we become frustrated / saturated and when do we seek more?


Choice architecture, Psychoanalysis and Visual theory are all brought into play for our UX and design consultancy. Aisling Mooney's education in art, architecture, world religions, psychoanalysis and a decade as a business founder have created the perfect blend of understandings that innovative and creatively influence in the UX / Design sphere as supported by data analysis.