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ARTICULATid provides professional curatorial services and bespoke art and design matching consultancy for commercial and private collections.

Please get in touch to arrange a personal viewing and subscribe to our contact list for new artworks and pieces as they are available.

Aisling Mooney BA MPhil is an artist, writer, designer and Art Director.

Her work focusses on subconscious associations with gesture, movement, connection, unspoken communication and the energy between times, people, places, objects and the inherently filled spaces between.

Emphasising the negative space as an area charged with intent and excitement, touch and anticipation of touch are crucial drivers for her works.

Aisling writes in the fields of art, architecture and psychoanalysis for the media, exhibitions catalogues and industry publications.

Open source content is found below with other works restricted from public access available upon request.


Recently Published:

On Natalia Black - Musica Universalis

1st October 2019

CIRCA Art Magazine